If you work in project management, details and deadlines are the bread and butter of your work. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or newcomer to the field, you’ve likely felt just as overwhelmed by the project at hand as the tools you use to manage it. 

But it’s tough to find the tool that is your perfect match, which is why monday.com has compiled a list that provides the solutions and knowledge to make your project management selection and process easier.  

With almost 300 project management tools available, this is a big job that, to my knowledge, no one has undertaken before. 

monday.com has done all of the research and comparisons to create the complete 2021 list for project management software and tools (over 290 included) that lays out the industries or categories each PM software specializes in, how you can access it, and of course, the pricing. 

In this journey to find out just how many project management solutions are out there, its cldear that the world of project management is a big one–and one size does not fit all. 

From the Gantt chart, first designed in 1912, the project management software offerings have snowballed. Whether it’s an “all-in-one” software (like monday.com Work OS) for running every aspect of your work, or a personal to-do list tool, there is an incredibly wide variety of choices. 

So kudos to monday.com for creating the only place on the internet that houses all of them in one list (they assure me they’ve checked)! This is a great resource for anyone trying to figure which solution will work best for their projects.

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