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About The SMB Group

My colleague Sanjeev Aggarwal and I formed the SMB Group to fill a gap. The SMB market is huge and diverse—with about 27 million businesses in the U.S. alone. And, SMBs play a pivotal part in driving economic growth, accounting for about 65% of gross domestic production worldwide. Like larger entities, SMBs need technology-based solutions to help improve business productivity, increase revenues and profitability, and drive innovation.  But, while SMBs arguably provide the most fertile grounds for growth, few market research and analyst firms specialize in helping technology vendors understand and succeed in this highly complex space.

SMB Group is a market research and consulting firm that provides insight and guidance about how and why SMB and mid-market customers discover, evaluate, compare and buy technology-related solutions. We put our 15-plus years of SMB market experience to work for our clients, providing them with the actionable insight and intelligence they need more successfully target, reach and serve SMB customers.

Our areas of focus include: Emerging Technologies, Business and Marketing Applications, Collaboration and Productivity Applications, IT Infrastructure Management and Services and Green IT.

3 thoughts on “About The SMB Group

  1. Dear Laurie,

    My name is Kajal Patel, I’m CEO of Vraj Infosys Corp. a women owned software company (SMB). We have free Saas Product for Recruiters(ATS) called , Its 100% free and we wanted to get the word out. looking at some of your blogs I was wondering if you could cover our story.

    Kajal Patel.

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